Swinging at the Jazz Corner

Sitting in the audience, painting from life with paint markers on paper, I have discovered I can paint more moments in life with this portable palette. This medium has freed me up from my cumbersome easel and oil painting palette. Painting in an impressionist manner- believing form is made where the highlight meets the shadow I paint color with value, hues and chroma. I like to challenge my self in these life performances. Every second counts. Starting with black paper I find the furthest thing behind- there are no darks so I find my lightest lights and from there it continues to refine into values, hues and chroma. My Paint markers on paper parallels to French Masters Manet and Toulouse Latrec. Eduard Manet’s painting, A Bar at the Folies Bergere, inspired me to reveal society today when I saw a barmaid in a tuxedo. My debt to Toulouse Lautrec freed me from my usual draftsmanship. Using paint markers, I capture explosive use of color, lines, and contour by drawing from life. Both artists give me the freedom to venture into clubs and draw what I see today.

Framed Dimensions: 16x20

Medium: oil on paper

Artist: Candace Whittemore Lovely, CM

Exibition: In the Style Of