Through Sewn-Colored Glasses

“Through Sewn-Colored Glasses” reflects my perspective on the world of slow fashion, design, texture, and color.

Four years ago, my outlook on clothing greatly shifted when I learned how to sew. As I strengthened this new skill, I also grew to appreciate everything that goes into making a handmade garment: the love, care, and detail from the maker that each piece carries.

My work is constructed with scaled-down pattern pieces from a pajama set I recently made. You can see a collar, patch pockets, shorts, a sleeve, waistband pieces, a button-hole piece, and a shirt front.

Traversing this world full of unique expressions of identity through style, I am inspired everywhere I go. I see each garment deconstructed into these core shapes, beautiful in their own right, but with slight alterations—a dart added here for shape, an inch or two taken in there, a sharpened curve—each fit can seemingly be made for its wearer. Clothing is utilitarian, but with an understanding of the malleability of each of these core shapes, clothing can celebrate and accentuate all bodies.

The arrangement, dimensionality, and intentional moments of color in this composition are reflections of the graphic designer in me. From the perspective of the sewist in me, these abstract shapes are both pillars of dress and beautiful forms with individual power.

SKU: 55285d22749d

Framed Dimensions: 26 x 26

Medium: Quilting cotton, cotton batting, cotton thread, sew-in stabilizer

Artist: Izzy Walter

Exibition: Perspectives: Art from MFA Staff