Wanderlust II (2)

Wanderlust II is a physical representation of heating, cooling and flow. Encaustic (pigmented wax) is the primary medium and can only be manipulated with heat. The different textures, pours and brushstrokes are all a reflection of the pooling and cooling of the hot wax. A durable medium, the simple layers almost reveal an inner glow of the wax underneath, though the pallet of blues and warm yellows soften its appearance. The natural flow of the wax and the process of heating and cooling and heating again all point to a peaceful balance between form and medium.

These works are a triptych and are designed to be shown together.

SKU: 9c6087cfc83a

Framed Dimensions: 12" x 12"

Medium: Encaustic on board

Artist: Donna Hamil Talman, CM

Exibition: Small Works: Respite