Whispers Among Northern Heights


“Whispers Among Northern Heights” is a striking landscape painting rendered on a 12″ x 24″ canvas and is set in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. This serene piece captures the timeless beauty of a mountainous scene using layered and textured brushstrokes. The foreground is dominated by rugged and rocky terrain, depicted to convey the rough and unyielding nature of stone. Each brushstroke adds a palpable texture, inviting viewers to almost feel the jagged rocks beneath their feet.

As the eye moves toward the midground, the landscape softens into rolling hills, shaded in a harmonious palette of greens and blues. These hills recede gradually into the distance, grounding the viewer with a sense of depth and continuity. Further in the background, majestic mountains emerge, fading into softer, lighter blue hues. This subtle gradation in color conveys an atmospheric perspective, imbuing the scene with a profound sense of scale.

Above it all, an expansive sky stretches across the canvas, dotted with soft, wispy clouds. The sky’s gentle tones impart tranquility and expansiveness, complementing the calm and peaceful ambiance of the overall composition. Through the use of light and color, the painting evokes a harmonious and serene representation of the untouched natural landscape, offering viewers a moment of contemplation and solace.

SKU: 868b1587e0f9

Framed Dimensions: 13" x 25"

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Artist: Doug Caves Sr.

Exibition: Small Works: Reflections