Sneak Peak at the Copley Masters Show!

By Michelle Musili on October 12, 2019

Beginning October 17, Co|So’s Copley Masters show will be on view in the Upper Gallery. The show will features 30 nationally-recognized Copley artist members who, as a result of their artistic excellence, have achieved the status of Copley Master. From landscapes to figurative, architecture and still-lifes, the exhibition provides viewers an opportunity to consider masterly works in a variety of subjects and sizes. The gallery will come alive with energy and the unexpected as each artist brings a distinguished palette and perspective to their unique compositions.


In order to become a Copley Master, an artist must first be a member of the Copley Society. When the artist is accepted into 5 juried shows, they gain the title of Copley Artist. After this, they must achieve 3 prizes in juried exhibitions to become a Copley Master, a title recognized throughout New England and further as a signifier of artistic achievement.

Kat O’Connor, CM, Twice the Speed of Bliss, oil on paper, 32×25”

Kat O’Connor’s paintings often focus on figures underwater, her depictions of the water have always been hyper-realistic. The artist’s work concentrates on how light and water interact and refract onto a figure. There’s a level of mystery in this work, as the figure’s head is in frame, but distorted by the water.

Sergio Roffo, CM, Sunrise Arrival, oil on linen, 18×30”

Sergio Roffo’s work is deeply rooted in Boston School tradition. Here he depicts the sunrise and a sailing boat with expert skill. The reflections found in the rippling waters emphasize a strong attention to detail. The boat is tilted, as though to invite the viewer to journey further into the piece.

Christopher Zhang, CM, Market Day, oil on canvas, 33×26”

Christopher Zhang’s impressionistic work overflows with warmth and joy. The figures in the work all feel contented. Zhang’s use of color and distinct brushstrokes allows for the work to capture the sincerity of the scene.


Donna Hamil Talman, CM, Fluent Conversations 4, encaustic & mixed media, 24×24”

Donna Hamil Talman’s work is mystifying and visceral. In this work, Talman uses encaustic in a new way by pouring hot wax directly on to the canvas. This creates a delicate balance between what the artist can control and what naturally occurs, illustrating the balance between human autonomy and the organic.

See these works and many more in the Copley Masters show from October 17 to November 7. Join us for the opening reception on October 17 from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Co|So.