Sneak Peek of the National Photography Show

By admin on August 23, 2018

Featuring over 30 photographs, the National Photography Show Elevated, juried by Robert Klein, features a wide range of subjects and styles to explore the question: what elevates photography to fine art? In anticipation of the show, here is a sneak peak of photographs that will be featured in the show, all of which were taken by our artist members!

Doug Adams, CA, Tribal Expression, digital photograph, 36 x 24”

Travelling all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and Latin America, Copley Artist Doug Adams is passionate about capturing local peoples’ expressions, cultures, and experiences. Tribal Expression shows Doug’s signature style of close and detailed personal portraits, which brings life to the vibrant colors adorning the child’s neck and face.

Frank Bartucca, Penny’s Diner; Sharon Springs, Kansas 2015, digital photograph, 27 x 21”

New member Frank Bartucca makes his Co|So debut with his photograph Penny’s Diner; Sharon Springs, Kansas 2015. With an interest in exploring isolation, Frank’s photographs tend to show faraway views of a person in large, expansive spaces.

Dan Cook, Perseverance, digital photography, 13 x 19”

Rather than planning photographs, Dan Cook takes a picture when he finds a memorable, photographic opportunity. His photograph Perseverance shows such an opportunistic moment, in which an elaborately-painted street art portrait is in partial view thanks to a concrete wall covered in brambles.

Andrea Kemler, Up for Breath, (scanner) photograph montage, 13 x 16”

Andrea Kemler has a different approach to photography than most, in that she uses a scanner as her camera to create images. By scanning many items at a time Andrea tries to “convey the ineffable, transitory nature and pathos of beauty.”

Max Stern, Tuscany, color photography, 28 x 22”

One of the themes in Max Stern’s work is how humans “impress their values on nature.” This can be seen in his photograph Tuscany, which shows farmland with its patterned scheme of columns and rows.

Acadia Mezzofanti, Moorings II, archival print, 30 x 24”

With a painterly approach to her photographs, Acadia Mezzofanti shows how tonal variation can elicit a visceral response. Her photograph Moorings II uses subtle, atmospheric light in dark surroundings to create a sense of mystery, intrigue, and awe toward the central figure.

Ann Marie O’Dowd, Kim, black and white print on Kodak photo paper, 18 x 18”

Although Ann Marie O’Dowd is known for her vibrantly-colored acrylic paintings, she began her artistic career with black and white photography. Taking a documentary approach to her photography, Ann Marie’s images capture subdued moments of the every day.

Roger Palframan, Bankside, giclée on Hahnemühle fine art paper, 27 x 33”

Roger Palframan’s slightly abstracted photographs emphasize movements and shapes. In particular, Roger is fascinated by the way in which humans are influenced by physical structures, from architectures to crowds of people. In his photograph Bankside, Roger incorporates this idea, as a trio of people walk amongst geometric patterns of light. 

Joe Reardon, CA, Barber Chair, digital photography, 20 x 28”

Copley Artist Joe Reardon will often photograph scenes of nature, or how nature affects man-made objects. In Barber Chair, Joe shows how the rusted, withering barber chair decays like its stone surroundings, as all matter deteriorates with time.

Tony Schwartz, CA, L’Embrace, archival pigment print on Epson Hot Press Bright paper, 29 x 24”

Without showing their faces, Copley Artist Tony Schwartz’ L’Embrace captures the emotional, loving embrace between two people. The image showcases both protection and vulnerability, strength and softness.

See more photographs by artist members and non-members in the exhibition National Photography Show: Elevated, on view in the Upper Gallery from September 15 – October 3.


Banner Image: Doug Adams, CA, Buddhist Purity, digital photography, 46 x 32”