The First Open Newbury Street This Summer

By admin on July 27, 2017

This past weekend we were proud to participate in the first Open Newbury Street event of this summer! Newbury Street closed down to all vehicles and was reimagined as a temporary pedestrian walkway, complete with beautiful summer weather. Two of our artist members, Candace Lovely and Jack Morefield, came by to demonstrate their art and skills to curious passersby.

Candace Lovely with her impressionist paintings

Copley Master Candace Lovely was outside the Co|So gallery doors to teach pedestrians about fast ways to create color in paintings. Through the use of her adult coloring book, “The Impressionist Way,” Candace showed how coloring, artistry, and painting can be achievable by all ages.

Candace Lovely was in style for the July weather, complete with parasol

Jack Morefield showed off his unique style through his portraits and landscapes. Knowing that hyper-realistic portraits are difficult to create, Jack began stylizing his artwork with a more whimsical, illustrative quality. After creating the realistic portraits for the event, Jack went over the image in colorful, swirly lines to give his pieces some pizazz. Later on, he defined the swirly colors with black outlines to give the painting even more dimension.

Jack Morefield adding colorful swirls to his portrait piece

Jack Morefield encourages you to “Buy Art.”

Our artists and visitors enjoyed participating in the first Open Newbury Street event for Summer 2017. If you missed the first event, do not worry! Two more Open Newbury Street events will take place on August 13 and September 10. We hope to see you there!

To learn more about the Open Newbury Street, visit the website and follow social media posts with #OpenNewburyStreet.