The Last Open Newbury Street This Summer

By admin on September 21, 2017

Last week, the Co|So gallery participated in the final Open Newbury Street event for Summer 2017. The artist demonstrations, chalk drawings, and pleasant weather brought many visitors in to see the gallery.

Copley Master John Traynor painting en plein air during Open Newbury Street

The Copley Society was grateful to have Copley Master John Traynor participate in an artist demonstration for Open Newbury. Setting up his easel in the middle of the street, Traynor painted amidst the hustle and bustle of curious passersby.

Copley Master John Traynor painting a Newbury Street scene

John Traynor’s signature style of mixing realism and impression caught the attention of many onlookers. In two hours, John Traynor was able to show off his artistic process step by step, and he created a magnificent Newbury street scene. 

A dog joins Jack Morefield as he paints for Open Newbury Street

Jack Morefield also returned to demonstrate his artistic skills during Open Newbury. His meticulous style and process was so fascinating that even pets were intrigued (see picture above)! His creative paintings, which feature bright colors and swirls, were exciting to watch develop firsthand.

Jack Morefield’s work station during Open Newbury

Not only did the gallery host artist demonstrations, but children were able to create their own masterpieces with chalk. Within pre-drawn chalk picture frames, kids and their families let their imagination run free to create fun and exciting framed “paintings.”


A woman and child draw inside and outside the frame to create abstract art


Children created chalk art drawings outside the Co|So gallery

Surrounded by chalk art and two artist demonstrations, the Co|So gallery was amongst an exciting mix of original art for Open Newbury Street. We are eager to participate in next year’s events!