Update Your Bucket List with Co|So’s Summer National Show

By Lily Armstrong on June 26, 2021

Written by Lily Armstrong

Now more than ever the world is eager for some adventure. In this year’s National Show, currently on view both in the gallery and virtually, Co|So is proud to present an array of artists who have spent a great deal of their ‘year of isolation,’ outdoors. As we all slowly begin to make the trek out into the world again, regrettably leaving our pajamas behind, these works by artists such as James Magner, Charlie Longtine, and Ray Crane remind us of the endless possible quests one can take while rejoicing in a New England summer.

Pictured: James Magner, Twilight, oil, 18” x 30”

Taking A Seaside Stroll: James Magner’s Twilight depicts waves breaking at twilight on South Beach in Chatham, MA. An artist who is known to focus primarily on the New England landscape, Magner has a brilliant way of charming us with the wonders of the East Coast coastline. His juxtaposition of cool and warm tones serves as an ode to the constantly changing light that appears over the water this time of day, the perfect time to take a long barefoot stroll across the sandy tides.

Pictured: Charlie Longtine, Gannet’s Dive, oil, 18” x 36”

Birdwatching: Surrounded by endless sky, figurative artist Charlie Longtine captures a lone Gannet in flight. These seabirds, which can be spotted across the North Atlantic coast, are known to hunt by diving through the air as fast as 60mph into the ocean below. Longtine’s work embodies the intensity of this act by centralizing the bird and its wingspan in the image, a cue to his audience that there is a lot of action to see if one looks up.

Pictured: Ray Crane, Sails off Little Brewster – Boston Light, oil on canvas, 18” x 26”

Setting Sail: Ray Crane’s oil on canvas depicts a variety of sailing craft’s passing Boston Light in the Boston Harbor. Although many of us can only dream of being at sea like the subjects in Ray Crane’s Sails off Little Brewster – Boston Light, it is undeniable that there aren’t a whole lot of better ways to spend a hot afternoon in late June than this.

Be sure to stop the gallery to view the full National exhibition which will be up and open to the public through August 22nd!