Amy R Roberts

Western Avenue Studios and Lofts
160 Western Avenue Loft 214
Lowell MA 01851
I paint in acrylics on canvas I stretch and gesso myself so that I’m not restricted by standard dimension canvases. I paint and live in one large room at Western Avenue Lofts, I live among my paintings. The ceiling is almost 25 feet high so it’s like living in a museum of my own making with a galley kitchen, spotlights on the ceiling and a splattered concrete mill floor.
I am voracious consumer of books and music, they are my coworkers. Multitasking is my preferred behavior, I don’t sit still well. This is why working in series is especially important, it’s the scaffolding that organizes the subject matter of my work. I rise early, sleeping steps away from my palette table and works in progress. I work almost every day, every evening planning the next days tasks loosely and allowing for serendipity and spontaneity.
At any given time I have about 25 paintings in progress: portraits, landscapes, nature magnifications and every so often an abstract piece which is fed from my study of reality. Some pieces work through the progress in days, others may ride along for months before they reach their personal finish line. There are days for field trips which can be an afternoon at a falconry or a month driving crosscountry and back. I hike, camp and explore. My subjects may be mollusks or drag queens depending on the day.
Observers remark on my use of vivid colors, it took a while for me to understand these comments because the world is made of vivid colors. The world is overwhelming, beautiful and jarring. Most of my work is figurative, I love the challenge of interpreting skin or ice, scales or chrome, pollen or distressed concrete. My collectors also comment on the various textures I create, I am a synesthete and I hear auditory patterns from the textures I see in the world. I have lived and traveled in more than 40 states and some foreign countries and the legacy of work I leave behind will be the images that meant the most to me.

Whistler House Museum of Art/Lowell Art Association Artist Member
USVAA United States Veterans’ Artists Alliance Advisory Board Member
CCY Center for Creative Youth Alumna
CoISo The Copley Society of Art Artist Member

Selected Works