Ann Trainor Domingue, CA

“My art is the result of noticing everything, selecting key moments, then abstracting what I believe in.”
From the smallest things as the colors of moss, to the largest things such as how moisture in the air softens the harshness of the sun. The passage of time has changed how I incorporate these ideas that are important to me.
My work has shifted toward a broader viewpoint becoming more understated in color choices, richer in surface detail and linework, and stronger in the overall design of shapes, and how they relate to one another in a painting. Because my ‘fisherman and a girl’ series was so warmly received, I’ve brought their relationship along into current work with an experimental mindset. They are integrated into my view of their world with suggestions of a close relationship or a kind of aloneness. They might have been in that peaceful state of mind, where thinking happened, and a problem was solved. They are placed so a viewer might feel something–similar to a portrait of a feeling.
I admire many historic and contemporary painters, craftsmen, and styles including Fairfield Porter, Andrew Wyeth, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Tomie DiPaola, Eric Carle, Henry Moore sculpture forms, Inuit sculpture, and current artists Danny McCaw, Nicholas Wilton, William Irvine, Goli, Wolf Kahn, among others. Each has influenced my work in a way that can be difficult to define but I remember being intensely influenced by their work while trying to find my own voice.

Selected Works