Ann Gillespie

Ann Gillespie holds a BA in Studio Arts from Hamilton College, in upstate New York. Alongside a career in graphic design, she began creating her own artwork again in about 2008. In 2012 she was re-introduced to pastels, leading her to discover how diverse and rich the medium is. Since then pastels have been her primary focus, though periodic printmaking also strongly informs her artwork. She is passionate about landscape painting, especially painting “en plein air” which helps her observe color and light more directly and keeps her more connected to nature.

My artwork is informed by my time spent in nature. I strive to express the beauty and subtleties that surprise me in everyday scenes as well as hint at the mystery of whatever might be “around the bend’ that I can’t quite see. What I paint is an expression of both what I see and what I feel and are fragments of direct observation and memory.

Selected Works