C. R. Bryant

I began painting at age five with an aunt that understood color theory. She had mastered painting fighting roosters belonging to a local doctor using only primary oil colors. She shared her knowledge with me and revealed a world of color and beauty. That was the beginning of a lifelong journey. Later on as a member of the Palm Beach Museum of Art I painted on site copying, reproducing and learning from the masters. I began with a slate of painters starting with Georgia O'keefe, and moving on to Monet, Cezanne, Renoir, and all the classics. Following my service in South East Asia, I lived in Europe with access to world's great museums. I explored painting with the goal of becoming a master. Those lazy days sailing on the lakes of central Florida eventually gave rise to classic sailing yachts in the Mediterranean and West Indies. I had the good fortune to be invited as crew and occasionally take the helm of several the world's classics. Along the way I was exposed to historical and natural subject material. I invested years of research in painting techniques exploring the Dutch Flemish masters. In recent years, I have become interested in portraiture and I have discovered a process to enhance artist/client balance to produce the perfect painting. I keep this secret close to the vest and share it with only those whom I will paint.

Selected Works