Cameron Michael Kelley

I am a self taught oil painter and began painting full time in 2018. I enjoy painting portraits, figurative work, landscapes and seascapes. Much of my work reflects moments of my life and my experiences. My style of work is known as representative art which is an honest depiction of ordinary life and nature.

The truth is that I love to paint. In fact, I love the entire process; the research; the sketching; the color studies; the independent detail work and of course, the final art. My inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. It could be an early morning light that hits a building a certain way, a snowstorm along a deserted Boston street or even a fishing trip in the aquamarine water of the Florida Keys.

In the end, my hope is that my work and my personal perspective tells a story that will connect with people and will invite others to take a closer and different look at our world.

Selected Works