Cariappa Annaiah, CA

I am an eclectic artist, and poet, based in Mandeville, LA since 8 years, after 22 years in Greater Boston. I hold the designation of Copley Artist at the Copley Society of Art in Boston. I express my art via different visual media. My subjects range from the abstract to still or moving life.

I work with ambient light and concentrate on the many ways that light enhances both my subject and the background. In most of my compositions the background texture and color are as important as the subject matter. All the picture elements seen in my images, including foreground, background, and edges, are composed in real-time, so that what you see is what I saw –– this is not some moral imperative, merely a reflection of reality. I like to think that the decisions made before I capture the image are similar to real-life decisions –– one cannot fundamentally change them once made. Any number of serial decisions can be made or repeat shots taken, but each one is final.

I create temporary collages, paintings, and installations, illuminate them with ambient lighting to create dimensionality, capture the ensemble with a camera, and print with minimal post-processing. The collage or installation is dismantled, or the painting is erased, and exists only as a single, archival canvas print. At present, I call this evolving medium, “Captured Collage.” The recently released series, “Fluidity of Attraction” is an example of this novel medium, and can be viewed at

Selected Works