Catherine Mamola

I feel that painting is a means to capture the human spirit and at the same time reflect who I am. Learning to paint has been a journey of self discovery. I believe that if you paint from your heart and are truly faithful, honest and passionate about your subject and what you want to portray, then people will listen and respond. If you can capture a moment that touches your heart or stirs feelings within you, you will touch another's heart. Creating art is part of me and who I am.

In the words of Robert Henri, _"There is the heart and the mind, the Puritan idea is that the mind must be master. I think the heart should be master and the mind should be the tool and servant of the heart... the man who wants to produce art must have the emotional side first, and this must be reinforced by the practical... first there must be the man, then the technique".

I am continually spellbound and captivated by the raw emotion that a painting can embody and will pursue this for a lifetime.

Catherine lives in New Jersey with her husband, Ben, and their three sons.

Selected Works