Deborah Schlossman

I grew up in the New York suburbs and have been living in the Boston area for most of my adult life. I work full time as an ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon, but drawing and painting have always been an important part of my life. My style of painting is realism but not photorealism, in that I try to place little patches of color next to one another leaving visible brushstrokes rather than blending. I love the way it all comes together when viewed from a distance. I have always liked muted colors and rustic objects. My goal is to take ordinary objects and make them into interesting paintings by utilizing the reflections and shadows created by a dramatic light source. I am fascinated by the way the brain can fill in the missing pieces when an edge is lost, or when an object can appear to be painted with great detail, but really is made up of only a few strokes of paint placed in just the right way. I especially like the way light changes when it encounters a convex metal surface or is bent by glass or water. I love the way in painting we are really just creating illusions with the limited value scale of paint.

Selected Works