Francis Noonan

Francis Noonan is a self-taught artist. Growing up in a large creative family, he had a keen interest in drawing and playing classical piano. He began oil painting at age 7 after attending the Van Gogh exhibition at the Albright Art Gallery. After starting a family of his own, time constraints led him to concentrate on classical piano. In 2003, Fran returned to oil painting .
Inspired by the Impressionists, Tonalists, and Symbolists, his intent is to create images which evoke a mood, memory, or time of inspiration. He enjoys portraying the natural imagery of Western New York where he has lived all his life. From Niagara Falls to the Boston Hills, combined with the four distinct seasons, there is infinite inspiration for a visual artist. Working in oils, he aspires to capture the moods and character created by the interplay of light and shadow.
He enjoys many forms of working with his hands including carpentry, piano, and gardening, but painting is a special adventure where being engaged visually, mentally, and emotionally are most gratifying.
He is a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, the Oil Painters of America, the Copley Society of Art in Boston, and the Western New York Artists Group. His work can be seen at the Artists Group Gallery, Meibohm Fine Arts, Glass Growers Gallery, the Oxford Gallery of Rochester, and the Memorial Art Gallery Store in Rochester.

Selected Works