Jack Morefield

I create art because that is the only means of expression where I can articulate beyond the surface, and describe any range of emotion. Many people can do this with words but to me that is limiting. I draw from my past and mostly try to recall happy times in my life. Lately this has led me to focus on landscapes, particularly sunlight through trees.
I pull heavily from color field and impressionism.
Early attempts at painting in oil, with the idea of building a 3rd dimensional quality into the piece with thick brushstrokes, did not work out and I transitioned to acrylics, but never gave up the idea of each stroke having its own dimension, so I started experimenting with highlights and shadows. Upon close examination each stroke does give the illusion of having it own space in relation to the others, and from a distance this gives a sparkling inner glow. Find my work at Jackmorefield.com

Selected Works