Janine Robertson, CA

Art and design in varied forms have always been a driving interest in my life.

As an oil painter living in Madison, CT, I am deeply drawn to the natural elements and boundless beauty of the ever-changing landscape. My work seeks to capture the ephemeral essence of marshes, rivers, big sky vistas and the dynamic force of large- scale waves. These elements serve as the primary focus for my luminous and dramatic landscapes rendered on aluminum or copper. The decision to primarily use aluminum as a substrate is a cornerstone of my creative process. This material’s inherent reflective properties allow me to explore and enhance the luminosity within each landscape. The ultra-smooth surface highlights the delicate brushstrokes and adds an ethereal quality to the painting. Tranquil and subtle, my works appear to dance in the light, interacting dramatically with the surrounding light and atmosphere.

My work is in permanent collections throughout Yale University and Yale's Health System. In addition I have gallery representation in New England and Martha's Vineyard and I'm proud to have achieved Copley Artist status at The Copley Society in Boston.

Selected Works