Joe Smith, CA

Joe Smith (b. 1954) is a Massachusetts artist whose work features trees, forests and New England landscapes. His art connects his lifelong enjoyment of drawing with his career as a forester and conservationist. This career has brought him to places off the beaten path, and his art has allowed him to preserve and honor the beauty he has found there.

Joe is a self-taught artist who draws and paints in a variety of mediums but he is best known for his scratchboard work. He began producing scratchboards in 2010 and they immediately earned rave reviews and awards. On the strength of this work he was accepted as an artist member of the Copley Society of Art, The International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) and the Rockport Art Association and Museum. His piece, Branches, was awarded the Best in Show Award at the 2015 ISSA Annual Exhibition and he has been honored as a Copley Artist by the Copley Society of Art.

Joe’s favorite subjects are trees and his work is mostly drawn from the varied landscapes of his beloved New England home. His finely detailed work captures the unique character and spirit of the wild places that exist all around us, but just out of sight.

Joe Smith
Phillipston, MA
Instagram: @woodman_joe54

Selected Works