John Rufo, CA

John was born and raised in Waltham, MA and attended high school at Buckingham Brown and Nichols in Cambridge. He earned his degrees in fine arts and architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, taught architectural design studios at the Boston Architectural College in the 1990’s, and currently teaches workshops at the Slow River School in Topsfield.
John’s interest in making two-dimensional fine art stems from his love of drawing, having grown up in a house hold full of designers and artists where daily drawing, constructing and tinkering were encouraged. Eventually making his way to RISD, John was inspired to think outside the box at every level of design exploration and credits his first college drawing instructor, Victor Lara, with bringing his love of depicting form and surface fully into the open.
John is dedicated to community businesses and currently services as the Board Chair for the Charles River Regional Chamber. As a sole practitioner architect operating under the brand John Rufo Studio in Needham, MA, John has continued to explore the relationship of the physical world to the two-dimensional canvas. Making art is a critical part of his daily spiritual practice along with meditation and Tai Chi.

Selected Works