Kara Bigda

Kara was born May 17, 1969. She graduated from Amherst College with a fine arts degree in 1991 and worked for five years in the insurance industry until resigning and obtaining a Master of Education in 1998. She was employed by the Quabbin Regional School District for the next ten years as an Art Teacher for all grade levels from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. In 2008, Kara resigned from teaching and began making art full-time, experimenting with acrylics, watercolor, design, collage and printmaking. In 2011 she committed herself to painting in watercolor, concentrating on painting the simple yet beautiful vignettes found in every day. Kara returned to the full-time workforce in 201and works for a manufacturing facility in Western Massachusetts as a Training Coordinator. She makes time to paint whenever she can and continues to exhibit and sell her work.

As opposed to painting on paper, Kara prefers clayboard as her substrate of choice. Her paintings are treated with a UV Protective finish and can be framed without the barrier of glazing. For this reason, her watercolors have often been mistaken for oils.

Selected Works