Katherine Richmond, CA

Katherine Richmond was born in Boston, took up photography in 1976. She is attracted to nature, abstract, action, portraits, and documentary photography. She lives and works in Gloucester, Massachusetts and Northern Vermont.

With her abstract photographs, she brings to you the world of light in moments which are almost impossible to be seen, except in her photographs. Creating original perspectives of art, and having the emotional element of her work transfered through to the viewers is important to Richmond.

Since 2012 she has taken part in photographic juried competitions and exhibitions with her incredible photographs. Up to now she has won sixty one awards, forty are from large international competitions twenty one are regional and local exhibitions. In 2021 Richmond received first place at the Copley Society National Show. And in 2022 her photograph placed first in its category with a prestigious global photographic competition. Her photos have been leased, appeared in publications, and are in many private collections.

Selected Works