Kathy Edmonston

As a child, I loved to draw but never had the opportunity to explore that love, or to develop deeper skills. In 2005, shortly after the death of my mother, I signed up for a class in pastel painting, looking for distraction and hoping for some solace. Pastel was the key that unlocked my love of color and desire to work with my hands. The door to my new life as an artist was opened.

My education has consisted of many classes and workshops on Cape Cod, around New England, and in France and Ireland. I have studied with many renowned artists including Susan Ogilvie, Aline Ordman, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Mary Moquin, Ed Chesnovitch and Paul Foxton, among others.

My work often expresses the intimate place in the landscape, or the dramatic edge in a still life.
My creative process has evolved over time. Depending on my subject or goal, I typically create an underpainting with texture. That texture can be anything from ‘dribbling’ acrylic paint in defined areas to applying grit mixed with a medium in others. Sometimes I use cold wax or other medium to create texture and depth, often scratching back into the surface. Then I begin applying pastels or oil paint in layers, responding to the texture and marks until I am happy with the result.

Finding art as a personal expression has afforded me growth and great satisfaction. It has also connected me to a wonderful community of fellow artists. My goal is to continue this artistic journey with an open mind and heart to see where it leads me.

Selected Works