Michael Alfano

Michael Alfano is known for creating figurative and surrealistic sculpture that goes beyond the literal, adapting the figure to convey philosophical ideas and abstract concepts. Alfano is also an accomplished realist and portrait artist, having studied sculpting from the model at the Art Students League in New York City. It is his aim to create art that relates to the everyday, yet causes people to experience, think, and understand life more fully. In the Northeast, Alfano has more than a dozen public sculptures, including George V. Brown at the start line of the Boston Marathon, and 4 life-size bronze animals for the Museum of Science, Boston. Alfano’s portraits of leaders include Anwar Sadat, Senator Edward Kennedy, former Sheraton President Daniel Weadock, and Bollywood superstar, Rajinikanth. At juried exhibitions, he has won over 60 awards, including the designation “Sculptor of the Year.” Originally from Long Island, Alfano now works and resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. His current projects include a full figure portrait of Economics Nobel laureate Milton Friedman and another project for the Museum of Science.

Selected Works