Michael Milczarek

Michael is a life-long resident of the Massachusetts North Shore which is the inspiration for most of his work. Michael began painting in 2000 studying with a local artist whose work he admired. Since then, a combination of private study, workshops, live and digital demonstrations and experimentation form the extent of his training.

Michael works primarily with a limited color palette often tilted towards a tonal approach.

"We have a great range on subject matter to draw from in New England, ranging from rocky coastlines, smooth beaches, salt marshes, fields, meadows and mountains. We drive by them every day going to work, school, errands and while walking the local trails. I want to take the landscape we see every day back to the way it is without the asphalt, sidewalks, streetlights and buildings. I rarely include any structures in my painting and the viewer is the solitary person."

Selected Works