Page Railsback, CA

I  begin each day with a fresh start….“Beginners Mind”. I step into the Studio and let the process unfold. I like the privacy of my Studio space and am able to take my time  working through the puzzles and challenges presented. If I don’t like the results of a piece…I will keep coming back at some point to re work it until it is resolved. I enjoy working on several pieces at a time. 

  I travel frequently and have always enjoyed creatively setting up studio space however small, wherever I am. Travel offers me the  opportunity to transcend my own self imposed limits. 

I work mostly with acrylics, charcoal and pastels and occasionally with oils. I like the quick drying of acrylics and find the medium safer health wise and very flexible to work with. I like to experiment with my markings depending on the different surfaces I am using. I make the application with brushes, palette knife, rags or my hands.

My painting is a metaphor for my life. As life brings change and new cycles, my work reflects this  growth, transformation and a sense of freedom.I am interested in cutting to the chase and expressing the essence without telling too much.

My teaching and paintings come from my spiritual ‘heart work’  that I offer to the viewer.

Selected Works