Patricia M. Gray

Growing up in Erie, PA, Patricia M. Gray wasn’t surrounded by art or artists so much as by nature and its many beauties. It wasn’t until the 5th or 6th grade when an art appreciation project in school landed a card of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in her hands that her artistic aspirations exploded to the forefront. From that time forward she didn’t have much choice but to live her life as an artist, as she often explains: “I didn’t choose art, it chose me.”

After graduating from Mercyhurst College, she pursued the practical path of working as an art teacher. As she pursued a teaching career, Patricia entered the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA and studied with several well-known artists, including Will Barnet, Arthur DeCosta and Liz Osborne.

When someone sees her work for the first time, she wants them to feel part of the creative process. She wants the viewer to be immersed into her visual world and feel welcomed in with open arms. She wants for them to see things in the palette as she does, to feel the emotions she felt when creating the work, and to let the viewer experience her process as if they were there at the easel next to her. Working in pastels for over 40 years, she is continually delighted and inspired by this medium. Experimenting with new techniques, colors, and applications has pushed her and challenged her to be a more thoughtful artist.

Patricia M. Gray is a Signature Member of the PSA.