Peter Knapp


Art has been a steadfast partner my whole life. I began drawing under the age of 10, tried watercolors for a while, and enjoyed linocut and woodcut work by my 12th birthday. The “danger” and risk of using sharp tools attracted me…

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1972 with a degree in art. My early work consisted of woodcuts and drawings, and to some extent, painting in acrylic and oil. I became enchanted with what computers could do as a tool to augment and enhance my varying processes, and this also led to photography aided by graphic software.

At present my work is concentrated on exploring and experimenting with mixed media. My latest compositions utilize acrylic paint, acrylic and other inks, acrylic gouache, acrylic mediums (including gels and pastes), acrylic resin fixatives, a variety of brushes and pens, and pencils (graphite and colored) on acrylic gesso primed hardboard panels. Recently I have included and explored collage techniques with select pieces.

With the day to day family financial responsibilities I faced, my dream of fine art as a career was not realized. In my 60’s a series of health issues changed this. Illness took a toll on my mind as well as body. Art became my salvation, providing a healing path that has evolved to include issues beyond the personal - matters in the community, the world, the universe – all within and subservient to nature and our place in it. With support from my family, I now devote my life to art full time.

As a newly accepted Professional Artist Member at the Copley Society of Art in September 2023, I am honored and thrilled to be represented by this wonderful organization. Amongst a group of incredibly talented and gifted artists, I will work hard and tirelessly to give back and contribute the best art I can in sincere appreciation.

Selected Works