Rose Cook

I am a 76 year young abstract painter.

While I am interested in all forms of art, I currently consider myself an abstract painter working mostly with acrylic paints on stretched linen canvases. In my Boston apartment, out of a need for a painting space, wanting to paint whenever the need came to me, I converted my master bath to a mini painting studio.

I began my career in sales, marketing and training. In 1986 I started my own company making handmade jewelry. My jewelry was (and still is) crafted with gold-filled wire, Czech beads, lamp-worked beads and freshwater pearls. It has always been designed for comfort as well as beauty and style. My company eventually grew to have four sales representatives and two people in manufacturing.

After more than 15 years designing modern jewelry, I began painting. My one of a kind paintings offer interesting colors, a sense of movement, and visual textures. I create layers to obtain the final result, often returning to the same painting again and again. My main painting focuses are abstracts and floating images, and the colors are selected after careful consideration of how they will enhance the overall effect.

I briefly had my own art gallery (called Individuality) in Birmingham, AL, but I was forced to close it when I moved away from the city. I named my gallery Individuality because I believe that art is an important expression of personal environment and style. It must be embraced emotionally and it must meet the owner’s visual/design objectives and personality.

I paint the sides of my paintings, so you have the choice to frame or hang the painting without a frame. Each piece will be wired on the back for hanging. To protect the painting from light and dust, it is varnished. I want buyers who are enthusiastic about my limited edition, one-of-a-kind pieces. I want the purchaser to have the same joy that the paintings gave me when I created them.

Selected Works