Sherri Starr

Sherri Starr is an award winning Cape Cod artist and a member of The Copley Society of Art. She is a juried Master Artist of the Cape Cod Art Center. She began painting after retiring from her career in the regional shopping center real estate industry. Originally from Missouri, she now resides on Cape Cod. Her art reflects the color influences of warm and tropical climates and is prominently displayed in her abstracted cities, figures and landscapes.

Through her artistic journey, Sherri's work has progressed from realism to contemporary abstraction. Her work of abstracted cities was created during the time of the covid pandemic quarantine. The cities invite the viewer to explore through color, pattern and mystery with hope for happier times.

"I interpret what I view in a contemporary style. Color and light are important fundamentals in my work as they evoke the mood and style of the subject matter. My goal is to draw the viewer into the painting by creating a story or facet of mystery through these elements. Often my work elects a "Where am I" query that begs for interpretation and exploration through the viewer's experiences. Color is used to challenge the viewer to think beyond what is real, what is not and what could be."

Selected Works