Susanne Taylor

My inspiration is light: the way light drapes over form. The natural beauty of a sun drenched, or light filled, scene is the spark that moves me. Cape Cod and Florida are my homes and a major inspiration in my work. The air, light and vegetation near the beaches of Cape Cod and Delray Beach, FL, and their interaction with ocean water, sand dunes and natural vegetation are a fertile source for my work.
I create art because I love it - especially painting. I have a deep, rich pool within me that serves as both desire and motivation. My creative process for still life painting begins with an idea, an image. I continually study the old masters and contemporary painters. These techniques and forms blend together with my ideas to develop my paintings. My creative process for wave paintings is to sketch at the beach and create larger works in the studio. The richness of multiple layers of oil paint on linen are the tools and methods I use to produce a finished painting.

Selected Works