Thomas Darsney, CA

HI I am Thomas Darsney and I am in love with all creation! The shapes, the colors, the geometry, and the architectural curves of the human form are incredible to witness, and these are my influences.
I am a contemporary realist figurative painter living in Salem, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. Having taken some classes with renowned artist, Gary Hoffman, of the Boston Guild, I am primarily a self taught artist. I did not fall into painting, and would not use the words “inspired to paint”. I create because that is the life that had chosen me many many years ago as a child. I think it easier to describe a painting, than to describe oneself in painting!
What I will say when observing my pieces, look for the intent, the geometry, the historical references, and I hope the harmony that I have laid out inside the four corners of the canvas.
Thomas Darsney

Selected Works