Timothy Neill, CA

Timothy Neill is a Copley Artist, (CA) at The Copley Society of Art in Boston where he serves as chairman of the membership committee. He is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester where he has sat on the board of trustees. He is an artist member of the Newburyport Art Association where he has received Master Artist designation. Neill is an artist member of the Rockport Art Association and is an associate member of the Guild of Boston Artists.
Timothy Neill is a peer reviewed Professional Member of the American Institute for Conservation and has been working in the field of art conservation since 2005. He received his Master of Science in Art Education degree from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art and Art History from York College of Pennsylvania. In 2010 Neill founded Allied Conservation were he currently works as head conservator of paintings.
Neill has taught studio art classes at the ArtRoom Studio in Topsfield MA, The Boston Arts Academy, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and at his Hamilton studio. He has given lectures and talks throughout the Boston area.
Neill's paintings have received numerous awards and are typically a balance between allegorical figures and dramatically symbolic still lives in oil which provoke mood and reflection. Neill also enjoys painting portraits, calm tonal landscapes and experimental figures in ink and oil washes.

Selected Works