Vibrant Dauge Kaufman Can Brighten a Rainy Day

By admin on July 28, 2018

Hanging in the back window of the Anchors Aweigh exhibition, Copley Artist Beatrice Dauge Kaufman’s abstract work Imagine this Orange Ship is Underway offers a brilliant contrast to the recent glum weather.


Imagine this Orange Ship is Underway currently hangs in the exhibition “Summer Members Show: Anchors Aweigh”

Its plethora of contrasting colors encourages moments of consideration – the vibrancy of the colors and their geometric layout requires the viewer to analyze the significance of their location. For example, the two orange circles on the left pop out against the blue background. A turquoise stripe below these circles then draws the eye to the right. This movement intersects with a vertical stripe that draws the eye up the canvas, to what can be described as a horizon line. From the softer colors in the “sky,” the eye falls down again to the circles to repeat the process.


Beatrice Dauge Kaufman, CA, Imagine this Orange Ship is Underway. Oil on canvas, 30in x30in

This painting is a meditative work that invites the viewer’s eye to move across the “sea” of the painting, from one bright orange circle to another. The quiet bliss one feels in admiring the work contrasts with the recent rain just outside the window, providing a sense of comfort.


Beatrice Dauge Kaufman, Colored Strata II. Oil on canvas, 30in x 30in

Beatrice’s affinity for a blue color palette is inspired by her love of the sea and sky. However, her time in Cambridge, MA, and the greater New England area has introduced new colors to her palette: oranges, pinks, and reds, inspired by the striking change of seasons here. This influence is visible in Imagine this Orange Ship is Underway’s sun-like orbs of color on the horizon line, which reflect the warmth of New England’s autumn.


Detail of Imagine this Orange Ship is Underway

Furthermore, Beatrice showcases vibrant colors in using both palette knives and brushes, which allow the paint to be applied thickly and directly to the canvas. This intensity of color, mixed with the texture created by the broad applications, is characteristic of her work. Working in abstract art provides Beatrice with the opportunity to paint her emotional reaction to a location.

Image of Copley Artist Beatrice Dauge Kaufman

Beatrice Dauge Kaufman

Beatrice’s ability to capture a sense of peace and contemplation is palpable in Imagine this Orange Ship is Underway, especially when the painting sits against the somber background of a dreary day. The sky may be a mix of cool blues and greys, but the oranges and pinks provide a warm respite. Come contemplate her colorful painting when you need solace from the rain!

Written by Intern Kate Davies