Warm Up at Co|So

By Paige Roehrig on February 1, 2019

Referring to the weather this week as cold would be an understatement. The frigid polar vortex and snow squalls that swept through Boston chilled us to the bone and left us dreaming of warmer temperatures. However, in the depths of winter, the warmth of the summer sun can feel distant and unimaginable. The artists of Co|So are here to help with their portrayal of East Coast landscapes, full of liveliness and sunshine, to bring you closer to a genuine warm up.


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Del-Bourree Bach, CA, Off the Rocks, acrylic on panel, 8” x 8”

Contemporary realist Del-Bourree Bach often reflects on a theme of man and nature in his artwork. In this painting, Off the Rocks, the artist delicately depicts one of his great inspirations: the sea and the life in and around it. Nothing says summer quite like sailing in bright blue waters. Bach strategically paints the sailboats in the distance, leaving the viewer captivated back the rocky landscape.


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Susan Hollis, CA, Together, oil on panel, 6” x 6”

The contrasting light upon landscapes and seascapes of New England has long been Susan Hollis’s inspiration. She loves the patterns and textures created by the light of the differing seasons. Together depicts the patterns created by the reflection of light as it bounces off of warm waters at dusk. The boats are docked, peacefully floating together in the water, reminding us of the exciting summer activities to come.


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Janet Schwartz, Skaket 1, pastel, 14” x 14”

Janet Schwartz’s pastel paintings dramatically capture the mood of her emotionally-charged subjects. While Skaket 1 steps away from her usual subject of dreamlike and moody traffic scenes, the drama remains congruent in this pastel. The setting sun reflects off the deep purple waters containing bursts of lavender, creating a moody essence. The addition of families wading in the warm waters adds a sense of calm to the emotionally-charged painting.


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Ken Northup, CA, On the North Fork, oil on linen, 10” x 14”

After a long hiatus, Ken Northup returned to painting in 1998, and has been creating artwork ever since. He prefers working in the style of traditional realism, painting exclusively in oils. This portrayal of a North Fork beach feels so real you can nearly hear the tide rolling onto the sandy beach. Ken Northup’s paintings often evoke a sensation of warmth as they depict vibrant scenes of summer and spring.


“Small Works: Fruition” is currently on display in the Lower Gallery and will be on view until April 28th.