April 2016

Plein Air Series: America

By admin on April 27, 2016

Last week on the Co|So blog we discussed the development of landscape painting in Europe after the French Revolution and amidst the Industrial Revolution.  For our final blog in this plein air series, we take a look at the history of landscape painting in America, and specifically Boston. The colonial period of American art history […]


Plein Air Series: Revolutions

By admin on April 20, 2016

Last week we looked at the history of European landscape painting in the 17th and 18th century, the role of the French Academy, and the rigid classical themes that dictated the fine arts. This week we are going to discus two major historical movements that shook the foundations of European society and the vital role […]


Plein Air Series: The Academy

By admin on April 13, 2016

When one thinks of an artist, most people imagine someone painting outside in the picturesque field, easel and paint in tow. However, a look back into art history reveals that plein air painting is relatively new to the fine arts and has had a dramatic influence on the course of painting. When looking at the […]


Outdoor Painter and Plein Air Painting

By admin on April 6, 2016

Co|So artist member Kathleen Breeden Hudson posted a solution she developed to a common plein air painting challenge she faced to her blog. It turns out Hudson was not alone; her post caught the attention of Outdoor Painter who published an article about her new method! Plein air painting is a type of painting that […]