August 2018

Sneak Peek of the National Photography Show

By admin on August 23, 2018

Featuring over 30 photographs, the National Photography Show Elevated, juried by Robert Klein, features a wide range of subjects and styles to explore the question: what elevates photography to fine art? In anticipation of the show, here is a sneak peak of photographs that will be featured in the show, all of which were taken […]


Watercolorists and the Sea

By admin on August 18, 2018

Our Summer Members Show “Anchors Aweigh” features a variety of marine scenes, from boats and docks to crashing waves and calm seas. With all of these depictions of water on display, today we are looking at how our watercolor artist members interpreted the exhibition’s nautical theme. Gary Tucker, Along the Seine, watercolor, 25 x 25” […]


Mikel Wintermantel Landscapes: Capturing Fleeting Beauty

By admin on August 9, 2018

Like their real-life inspirations, Copley Master Mikel Wintermantel’s landscape paintings can take your breath away. While each painting takes viewers on an inspiring trek through richly-colored natural wonders, they also act as a means to heighten one’s awareness of nature’s slow disappearance. Therefore, Wintermantel’s solo show “Evanescent” earnestly captures natural landscapes to document their disappearing […]


Co|So’s Proficient Pastel Painters

By admin on August 2, 2018

If you visited the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this weekend, you may have seen Copley Master Jeanne Rosier Smith giving a gallery tour of the “French Pastels: Treasures from the Vault” exhibition. Jeanne explained how artists such as Degas, Monet, Millet, and others innovatively created painterly pastels, and how their techniques and styles […]