4 Ways Co|So Celebrated 140 Years

By Anastasya Pena on December 13, 2019

 First: Copley Masters Show

            Did you know that the Copley Society of Art was formerly known as the Boston Art Students Association? Alice Spencer Tinkham and H. Winthrop Pierce (who was the first president) founded the Boston Art Students Association after they graduated from the Boston Museum School. Today we know the Boston Museum School as SMFA at Tufts, or the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

Tinkham and Pierce’s mission began with the goal to create a community of artists after school, that would “promote the interest of art in the city of Boston.” Co|So is honored to share this connection with SMFA at Tufts and was elated to host Fusion: SMFA at Tufts Graduate Student Show to celebrate our shared history.  The duration of this exhibition, was met with the Copley Masters Show which commemorated the esteemed Copley Masters alongside SMFA graduate students. 


Lei Zong, SMFA Graduate Student, Nationalism, oil on canvas, 42” x 52’’


Sergio Roffo, CM, Sunrise Arrival, oil on linen, 18” x 30’’ from the Copley Masters Show


Frank Corso, CM, Beach Day, oil on canvas, 30” x 40’’ from the Copley Masters Show

The Copley Masters Show was on view from October 17th to November 7th and the complete list of paintings are available for your viewing pleasure on our website! 


Second: 140th Anniversary Party

On Saturday, June 29th, Co|So Celebrated it’s 140th Anniversary with a fundraiser on the North Shore on the Eastern Point of Gloucester, Massachusetts! This spectacular seaside soiree was generously hosted by the Charles Family and all the tickets and donations for the event supported our 140th Fund for our artist residencies and scholarships. During this celebration, there was a private exhibition of artwork by the admired Copley Master, Jeanne Rosier Smith and Copley Artist, Sandy O’Connor. 


Pictured: Suzan Redgate (Executive Director) and Jeanne Rosier Smith, CM at the 140th Anniversary Party in Gloucester, Massachusetts


Pictured: Jeanne Rosier Smith, CM with Summer Dreaming, pastel, 24” x 30’’ at the 140th Anniversary Party in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Third: 31st Annual Fresh Paint Auction and Gala

We celebrated Co|So’s 140th Anniversary with our 31st Annual Fresh Paint Auction and Gala this past May. The theme for this year’s Fresh Paint was memorable Boston landmarks, landscapes and interiors. We selected artworks by artists ranging from the 19th and 20th centuries, and included famous names such as Hassam, Tarbell, Goodwin and others. We then asked our artist members to select one of these pieces and recreate what they imagined would be “Modern Views of Classical Scenes.” It was a huge success! Here is one example––Caroline Rufo painted an abstract rendition of Childe Hassam’s Charles River and Beacon Hill.


Caroline Rufo, After Hassam: Charles River and Beacon Hill, oil on canvas, 22” x 22”, Fresh Paint 2019


Childe Hassam, Charles River and Beacon Hill, oil on canvas, 16 1/8″ x 18,’’ 1892, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

 Four: ArtLifting

We are still celebrating Co|So’s 140th Anniversary with an exhibition that is currently on view through December 23rd called “ArtLifting!” ArtLifting is a social enterprise and benefit corporation that works to promote artists who face homelessness or disabilities. Liz Powers and her brother Spencer Powers founded ArtLifting in November of 2013 and we are so happy to help them with this highly important cause. For each piece, 55% of the profit from each sale goes to the artist, 1% goes to supporting organizations, and the remaining 44% goes towards supporting ArtLifting itself. 


Ann Desroches, Dancing Poppies, acrylic on canvas


Celebrate our 140th Anniversary with us! Come see “ArtLifting” along with our Holiday Small Works show currently on view until December 23rd!