Warm–Up at Co|So!

By Anastasya Pena on December 19, 2019

As the temperature drops and the days become shorter, the Copley Society of Art radiates warmth and light from the beautiful depictions of warm weather and nature that are hanging in the Holiday Small Works 2019 show! There are many pieces currently on view that remind us of warmer and longer days, but continue reading to take a closer look at four works that are currently available today!



Rosalie Sidoti, Wings, oil, 9” x 12’’

In Wings, Rosalie Sidoti creates a beautiful landscape using oils and gestural brushstrokes. In the center of the piece, there is a break in the sky just large enough to notice the cooler undertones that are present. Juxtaposed against this cooler central point, light and warmth radiates outward in the colors of light pinks, oranges and even purples. It is as if the setting sun has grown “wings” to cast warmth (in the form of pinks and oranges) and to touch different areas of the piece, including the land below the horizon line.  



Jeanne Rosier Smith, CM, Radiance, pastel, 13” x 13’’

Jeanne Rosier Smith is known for her mastery of landscapes (both coastal and seasonal) and Radiance is no exception. In this piece, a gradient is visible as warmer colors radiate upwards on the left–hand side of the composition. The eye is drawn toward the orange land and the gaze rises upward to the light magenta woods, the light pink clouds, and the yellow sky. Although Smith has always painted, she did not discover her ability to create tremendous landscape with pastels until 20 years ago when her uncle sent her a box of Nupastels in the mail. Today, Jeanne Rosier Smith has curated her own set of pastels that are available on her website for purchase along with a 3–DVD series of videos on how to paint seascapes. 



James Magner, Setting Sun, oil, 12” x16’’

Have you ever seen a “Setting Sun” depicted the way that James Magner paints one? What is so incredible about this piece is the way in which Magner is able to render sunlight so seamlessly along the horizon, water and shoreline. In particular, the way Magner paints light along the water is especially impressive. The sunlight does not feel separate from the water, but rather blends and glistens naturally with the movement of the waves. Overall, despite the majority of cooler tones in the painting, Magner has successfully created a piece about light. He shows us how beautiful and delicate sunlight can be as it touches the horizon, water and land. 



Susan Valentine, Picotee Braat, oil on linen, 10” x 13’’

Picotee Braat centers on the opening of a large, white flower. Painted with bright colors and careful attention to light and shadow, Susan Valentine brings this flower to life for the viewer. The shadow cast on the petals mirrors the shape of the petals themselves and in this way adds attention to shape. It seems the viewer is meant to appreciate the form of the petals because of the way they stand out against the background with their painted, red outline. Susan Valentine originally started her career of art in graphic design, which she used to promote her yoga classes. She then studied at Greenfield Community College, where she began a prolific career in painting. 

Come see these beautiful works glowing with sunlight, warmth, and life and many other paintings in our Holiday Small Works 2019 show on view today through December 23rd!