Sneak Peak: New Members Show 2020!

By Anastasya Pena on January 3, 2020

January 3rd, 2020 

Sneak Peak: New Members Show 2020

The Copley Society of Art is excited to announce that our New Members Show 2020 opens soon––on January 9th! The Membership Committee has reviewed and accepted 15 new members into the gallery in 2019 and this upcoming exhibition showcases these artists’ diverse styles, media and techniques. In this week’s blog, Co|So shares four pieces as a sneak peak for the New Members Show 2020!



Christy Gunnels, Great White Egret, oil on board, 10.5’’ x 10.5” 

Christy Gunnels studies subtly of color and form and uses what she learns from this research to create unique paintings for her viewers. Gunnels is curious about the relationship between the artist and subject matter and the Great White Egret definitely seems to capture this interest with the bird’s direct eye contact with the artist (or viewer). The bird itself is rendered with great detail and creates a sharp contrast and sense of negative space with the dark purple background. The background too takes on an abstract quality in its varying tone and texture in comparison to the more realistically painted Great White Egret



Sandra Kavanaugh, On the Rocks #2, pastel, 24” x 24” 

On the Rocks #2 is a pastel masterpiece that seems to transcend its medium entirely––the colors are so rich and vibrant that it is almost unbelievable that the piece is pastel, and not made with paint! Despite the intensity of color, the piece reads cohesively as a whole because of Kavanaugh’s consistent use of blue throughout the composition. If you look closely, you can see touches of blue pastel along the rocks as the sunlight reflects the water along the shore. Sandra Kavanaugh exhibits pastel and oil paintings throughout the New England area including the North Shore and Cape Cod in Massachusetts. 



Pedro Gonzalez, Tomatoes, oil, 16.75’’ x 20.75”

Pedro Gonzalez is a Cuban born artist who has always had an interest in objects and shapes. Gonzalez was originally a mechanical engineer and enjoyed his work with patterns, geometry, and mechanical designs. Eventually, the creative aspects of his career inspired Gonzalez to explore the world of painting through online classes and books. His painting practice started to flourish when his wife gave him a small set of oil paints. Since then, Pedro Gonzalez continues to paint with a level of rendition and realism that is truly striking. Tomatoes is just one example of Pedro Gonzalez’s terrific work. 



CR Bryant, USCG R BEAR, oil on canvas, 24” x 30”

In this piece, CR Bryant places a body of water and a collection of figures with a sled in the foreground, with a tremendous ship in the background. By including the water and figures in the foreground, the viewer is able to understand just how grand and enormous the USCG R BEAR is in comparison. CR Bryant is a well–known maritime artist who clearly demonstrates a mastery of oil paint in this piece with his incredible use of detail and impeccable application of precision. It is no surprise that CR Bryant is directly related to John Singleton Copley––America’s 18th century artist that the Copley Society of Art is named after! 

Come see these pieces, along with many others, by new artists of the gallery in the opening of the New Members Show 2020 on Thursday, January 9th from 5:30 to 7:30! The New Members Show 2020 will be on view from January 9th to February 9th.