The Birds of Co|So

By Anastasya Pena on January 30, 2020

The Birds of Co|So

Have you seen these birds? The Copley Society of Art is thrilled to exhibit Christy Gunnels’ paintings in not just one location, but two! Gunnels has work on display both in the Upper Gallery of the Copley Society of Art as well as in the Boston Private Bank at the Prudential Center (800 Boylston Street). In her own words, Christy Gunnels works to blur “…the divide between the act of simply observing a thing and the experience that comes from interacting with that thing.” Gunnels is interested in this experience between the artist and subject matter just as much (if not perhaps more than) the practice of conscious observation itself. The result is a body of work that not only demonstrates mastery in technique, composition, and style due to careful observation, but also captures the precious moments of the artists’ interaction with each bird. 

Gunnels was born in Magnolia, Arkansas and originally began her studies with Marjorie Chamberlain. She then received her MFA in painting from The Milton Avery Graduate School at Bard/St. Stephens College where she studied with Regina Granne, David Diao and Allen Cote. In addition to her own artistic practice, Christy Gunnels has also worked as an art teacher and director of fine arts in Wareham, MA public schools. Today she exhibits her work across the United States, England, Canada and France.

Christy Gunnels, Great Blue Heron, oil, 11×11,’’ New Members Show 2020

Christy Gunnels, Acapella, oil, 12×24,” Prudential Center

Christy Gunnels, The Sentinel, oil, 12×24,’ Prudential Center

Christy Gunnels, Crow With Juniper, oil, 12×12,’’ Prudential Center


Great Blue Heron by Christy Gunnels is currently on view at Co|So along with Great White Egret in the New Members Show 2020 until February 9th. 


Acapella (which has sold), The Sentinel, Crow With Juniper along with Crow Goes Hunting is on view at the Boston Private Bank at the Prudential Center. Christy Gunnels’s paintings will be on display at the Prudential Center until February 29th.