A Warm Welcome for Artist in Residence

By admin on September 14, 2018

Every year during the month of September, the Copley Society of Art awards the Charles Family Foundation Cape Ann Residency to one of its artist members. The artist is given a whole month to devote to their artwork in the beautiful coastal locale of Cape Ann. This year, Ann Marie O’Dowd was awarded the residency, and for the past week she’s been exploring and painting up a storm. Last Thursday the Charles Family hosted a welcoming party to introduce Ann Marie to the local community.

Host Jan Charles of the Charles Family Foundation made an announcement to the crowd, describing the illustrious tradition of artists who were inspired by the rocky coast of Cape Ann and created their own art colony.

Jan Charles, Co|So Executive Director Suzan Redgate, and Cape Ann Residency Recipient Ann Marie O’Dowd

Host Ted Charles stressed the importance of supporting the arts, and why they believe hosting this artist residency is so important.

Host Ted Charles chats with guests at the party.

Despite the rain, all of the guests enjoyed the beautiful view from the Charles backyard. The sun setting over the water reminded all of the attendees why Cape Ann has attracted so many artists.


Co|So staff, Cape Ann Museum staff, and local art lovers alike came to support Ann Marie.


Suzan Redgate, Co|So Gallery Coordinator Aly Schuman, and Ann Marie O’Dowd

Cape Ann locals warmly welcomed Ann Marie to the area, and wished her well on her month-long artistic journey. Ann Marie intends to focus on depicting lobster boats and coastal workers during her residency. We all look forward to seeing where this opportunity takes her!


Ann Marie O’Dowd will be completing the Cape Ann Residency during the month of September. Come attend her artist talk at the Cape Ann Museum on September 29th at 3pm!