Honors and Prizes in our National Photography Show

By Paige Roehrig on September 21, 2018

An exhibition can’t begin without an opening reception and every opening we have the thrill of announcing awards to artists who created exceptional work. Our juror, Robert Klein, chose four out of the 30 featured photographs to receive the awards of Juror’s Choice, and Third, Second and First Prize. Each work explored the question: what elevates photography to the status of fine art? Below are the artists that achieved that goal at an awardable status.


Sally Bousquet, Deep End, digital photograph, 23 x 30”

Juror’s Choice

Sally Bousquet is artistically inspired by the complexities in contemporary society. She often uses multiple exposure techniques as well as traditional photography in her works which range from intricate messages to direct messages. She uses individuals and places she encounters on a daily basis to inspire her art.


Juan Murray, Lafayette and Co., photography, 18 x 12″

3rd Place

Juan Murray loves light and shadows and “chases both with a passion,” as he says on his website. As seen in his photograph Lafayette & Co., Juan often photographs what he feels through the high contrast of light and dark. Many of his works follow this theme in street, architectural, and portrait settings.


Doug Adams, CA, Tribal Expression, digital photograph, 36 x 24”

2nd Place

Doug Adams, CA is an avid traveler, as most of his time is spent exploring the world. His most frequented locations include Asia, Europe and Latin America. The Copley Artist is passionate about capturing different cultures’ experiences and overall way of life. Tribal Expression allows the viewer to see Doug’s signature style of portraiture as he brings attention to the vibrant colors decorating the teenager’s facial features accompanied by the jewelry around her neck.


Michael Sterling, Period Piece, photograph, 24 x 18”

1st Place

Michael Sterling has been photographing for most of his adult life. Following his move to New Hampshire and the growth of digital photography, he grew more involved with the artistic community. He is currently the President of the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists and has been published in many magazines and newspapers such as the Portsmouth Magazine and The Sound Online.  His photograph Period Piece, demonstrates his artistic interests of architecture and interiors of old historic buildings.

National Photography Show: Elevated is open through October 3rd. Make sure you come and see it before it closes!