August Morning Awards of Merit

By admin on August 10, 2017

Like summertime, our Small Works: August Morning show is coming to a close. Our artist members submitted fabulous works of art, many of which received awards of merit or went to new homes. We will be taking a closer look at the awarded works before the show ends tomorrow, August 11th. They may be small in size, but they are all spectacular works of art!

Joe Smith, Rome Skyline. Scratchboard, 8 x 6”

Copley Artist Joe Smith’s Rome Skyline is distinct in that it is created on scratchboard. Scratchboard is a type of engraving where artists scratch off dark ink to reveal white or colorful layers beneath. The finished art shows an extremely detailed and textured finish, which is evident in Rome Skyline.


Barney Levitt, CM, Compatible Trio. Oil on panel, 6 x 8”

Copley Master Barney Levitt created this garlic and onion still life in a style reminiscent of the Old Masters. Levitt particularly enjoys coming up with titles for his art—which are often quirky in nature—to catch viewers’ attention and give them better insight into what he wants to convey.

Abby Lammers, CA, Gloucester, Above the Harbor. Acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12”

Copley Artist Abby Lammers submitted three works to the small works show, each of which focused on the Gloucester landscape. This purple-hued coastal scene showcases Lammers’ affinity for exploring how color affects a subject’s appearance, and how color challenges viewers to consider new perspectives on everyday objects.


Jeanne Rosier Smith, CA, Shifting Sands. Pastel, 12 x 12.”

Copley Artist Jeanne Rosier Smith often paints oceanic waves in such detail, they look as though they are photographs. This pastel vividly portrays the dynamic movements of the water as it shapes the rushing wave, the sand, and the foam.


Meg McLean, Somerset Summer. Oil on panel, 11 x 14”

Meg McLean enjoys creating landscapes and experimenting with light and dark through the nōtan technique. Notan is a design technique that plays with how light and dark elements are placed next to each other to create shape and form. This technique is clearly evident in McLean’s small work, Somerset Summer.


Joan Brancale, Sisters. Oil, 15 x 15”

Joan Brancale’s oil painting, Sisters, was perfectly on theme for our “August Morning” show. Capturing a scene of two young sisters watching the tide roll onto the beach, Brancale has a talent for displaying the emotional elements of a quiet scene.


Laura Tryon Jennings, Margo Rugosa. Oil, 15 x 13”

Much of Laura Tryon Jennings’ work explores how to capture tranquility, peacefulness, and enlightenment through everyday objects and scenes. With only a cup, a flower, and a window symmetrically divided, Jennings highlights the serenity of how peeking outward enhances internal reflection.


Doron Putka, CA, Sophie in the Kitchen.  Mixed media, 10 x 11”

In this mixed media piece, Copley Artist Doron Putka takes pronounced shapes and colors to create this collage of a kitchen scene. This work of art demands to be seen up close in order to fully appreciate how Putka assembled the elements to come together into one complete piece.


Mikel Wintermantel, CM, The Lure of the Wetlands. Oil on copper, 18 x 12”

The Lure of the Wetlands by Copley Master Mikel Wintermantel uses luxurious, dense colors to “lure” viewers close. Wintermantel tends to use pigments that work well together, which is unmistakable in this romantic view of a green, pink, and purple sunset.


Small Works: August Morning closes on August 11, 2017.