The Second Open Newbury Street This Summer

By admin on August 17, 2017

On Sunday, August 13th, we held artist demonstrations for the second Open Newbury Street this summer! Artists Diane Nelson and Jack Miller participated in artist demonstrations to show off their different artistic styles.

Diane Nelson creates new art at her Open Newbury Street table

Nelson enjoys painting what she refers to as “inner landscapes.” Her imaginative, ethereal landscapes are meant to release “inner worlds” for herself and others to explore, which is evident in her keen sense of atmosphere, light, and depth. Nelson has explained that while her inspirations come from everywhere, some of her major influences are “the magical landscapes in the background of many Medieval and Early Renaissance paintings,” and the “transcendent light qualities in the creations of Vermeer and Fitz Henry Lane.”

Left to right: Nelson’s piece at the beginning of the day, Nelson’s piece at the end of the day

Nelson worked on one painting throughout the day to show how she creates her art. Her untitled, unfinished work (pictured above) displays Nelson’s progress after adding nuances of color, definition, and depth. We sit in eager anticipation to see the finished result and what she decides to name this colorful landscape!

Front of Jack Morefield’s painted guitar of Pink Floyd vocalist and guitarist, David Gilmour

Jack Morefield participated a second time in a row for Open Newbury Street. Morefield paints landscapes and portraits with a unique flair by adding colorful and poppy swirls to his art. In addition to painting on traditional surfaces such as canvas, Morefield also showcased how his art looks on other objects, such as the guitar pictured above and below.

Back of Jack Morefield’s painted guitar of Pink Floyd

Morefield’s art is clearly not just another brick in the wall—his painted guitar featuring Pink Floyd was an exciting example as to how art can transform everyday objects. We wish you were here to see his art in person!


Join us for the last #opennewbury event which takes place on Sunday, September 10th. Copley Master John Traynor and artist Jack Morefield will host artist demonstrations for the day.