Beautiful Weather Begets Beautiful Art on Fresh Paint Day

By admin on April 26, 2018

The 30th Annual Fresh Paint has begun! If you were strolling around Boston on Fresh Paint Day, April 22nd, you probably spotted some of our artists painting outdoors, or en plein air. With camera in hand, we caught our artists creating stunning works of art for Co|So’s upcoming Fresh Paint silent auction. Take a look at some of the artists at work on Paint Day, and see their final pieces now hanging in the Fresh Paint exhibition!


With so many artists painting en plein air on Fresh Paint Day, passersby typically stop to watch their painting process. Above, Mary Rose O’Connell talks to a passerby about her artwork, which depicts the popular swan boat ride in the Public Garden. Below is her finished piece!

Mary Rose O’Connell, Boston Swan Boats, oil, 16 x 19”

On Fresh Paint Day, Co|So artist Vcevy Strekalovsky painted a close-up of a charming building and tree in Back Bay. The title of his piece, “Finally Spring,” captures the joy felt amongst our artists that spring had finally arrived after such a long winter.

Vcevy Strekalovsky, Finally Spring, oil, 16 x 20”

A popular location on Fresh Paint Day was the Boston Public Garden. With flowers finally in bloom, John Murphy paid homage to Earth Day by focusing on the bright red and yellow tulips in his plein air painting.

John Muphy, Earth Day, oil, 13 x 16”

When painting en plein air on a beautiful spring day, who can resist painting the iconic Public Garden footbridge? While much of Janice Toth’s composition focuses on natural elements like trees and water, Janice Toth painted the recognizable bridge as a pleasing feature to her landscape.

Janice Owen-Toth, Public Garden in Spring, oil, 16 x 20”

Participating in her 29th Fresh Paint Day, artist Dianne Panarelli Miller came ready to paint no matter the weather. “Painting in the elements is the whole point!” she declared enthusiastically. Fortunately, the bright sun allowed our artists to create compositions with beautiful light, as shown in Panarelli Miller’s oil painting, below. 

Dianne Panarelli Miller, Comm Ave, oil, 20 x 24”

Joe Smith set himself apart from the crowd as the only scratchboard artist painting on Fresh Paint Day. Working in his signature medium, Smith captured the calm activity on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. 

Joe Smith, Commonwealth Ave Mall, scratchboard, 8 x 10”

With beautiful weather and beautiful locations, our artists created beautiful pieces for the upcoming silent auction! To read more about Fresh Paint Day, check out our editorial in today’s issue of the Boston Sun. If you would like to bid on any of the paintings, purchase tickets to the Fresh Paint Gala on May 3rd at, or call the gallery to set up a proxy bidder!


Banner Image: Dianne Panarelli Miller, Comm Ave, oil, 20 x 24”