Celebrating the Season: Marieluise Hutchinson at the Bank

By admin on November 3, 2016

Winter in Boston is fast approaching, but we guarantee you’ll feel warm and cozy looking at Copley Artist Marieluise Hutchinson’s oil paintings, now on view at the Boston Private branch in the Prudential Center through January 15th.

Hutchinson captures the quaintness of small town New England life in her paintings, depicting rustic barns and houses sitting in freshly fallen snow. Despite the lack of figures, there is evidence of life in her works, as shown by the footprints leading to the newly built snowmen, and the lights in the houses in Sunday Night Supper. The turbulent dark skies contrast with the solidness of the farmhouses in Amid Winter’s Snow. A puff of smoke wafts from the chimney, perhaps foreshadowing the upcoming thunderstorm, when lightning will create similar lines in the sky. The few lit up windows in the red house remind us that the best place to be during a storm is safe inside.

Says Hutchinson about her work in an interview with Cape Cod Light: “New England has so much beauty, and if I see a scene that has the right composition—the lay of the land, the placement of the buildings—I can imagine opening the door and almost smelling the food cooking on the stove.”

If you’re getting started on your holiday shopping at the Prudential Center, be sure to stop by Boston Private to take a look at these festive paintings!



All is Calm, oil, 20 x 16

Sunday Night Supper, oil, 24 x 18

Amid Winter’s Snow, oil, 20 x 16


By Erica Evans