Color with Candace!

By admin on December 15, 2016

It seems that lately coloring books have been sweeping the nation. What was once just an activity for children is now being lauded as a therapeutic way for adults to relieve stress. Got coloring fever yourself? Join us in the gallery on December 17th and 18th from 1:00-3:00pm for a special coloring book demonstration! CM Life Member Candace Whittemore Lovely will demonstrate impressionistic techniques using one of her coloring books (available for sale at the demo). Attendees are encouraged to purchase a book and color along, or simply watch Lovely in action.

Referred to by art critics as the “Grand Dame of Boston Painters”, Lovely is an Impressionist painter known for depicting idyllic scenes of contemporary American life. She has garnered attention from notable Americans, including Former First Lady Barbara Bush for whom Lovely painted her official White House portrait in 1990.

The settings of Lovely’s masterful paintings include locations familiar to any Massachusetts resident: street scenes of Boston or locals relaxing on the beaches of Cape Cod. No matter where the painting is set, the sense of peace and tranquility always remains the same. In an increasingly chaotic world, Lovely’s joyous, calm paintings are a breath of fresh air. Now you can experience these works for yourself as you learn form and volume while coloring templates of Lovely’s works.

We hope that you will join Lovely on the 17th or 18th for a fun coloring session. All ages are welcome, and we will be serving light refreshments. Get coloring!

By Erica Evans